a disney princess doll of me?

I find this a bit interesting, a tad disturbing, and I could definitely find it problematic in all kinds of ways, but I’m mostly just going to leave it alone for now… there exists a website here where you can model yourself (or anyone, really) off of Disney princesses. Their fashion, their accessories, etc. Here is what I look like using the limited creative universe of Disney princess options:

disney princess doll of self

I think I did a decent job of finding brown hair that’s poof-y enough to match my poodle-style hair and of course I kept the glasses. I never ever wear skirts nor do I own an off-the-shoulder shirt, but I would own the shirt and green is fun! I totally own those shoes (who doesn’t have black flats?) and obviously I carry leather-bound books with me everywhere. (Not really. Other books, yes.)

In days past, when I was a much younger creative writer, I used these doll generators frequently to imagine up my characters. It was a little more true to what was in my head. But still, it’s worth noting how these kinds of generators, especially ones modeled after Disney princesses, are extending problematic notions of gender, race, class, ethnicity, sexuality, etc. Because they do.

None the less, I just made me, the Disney Princess. I wonder if I should have gone for the tiara?

(BEDA: April 10, 2013)

P.S. I also made a ballerina version of me! (I really get into these silly things.)


Also, Harry Potter. (Yes, I’m in Slytherin.)

harry potter