first home-cooked meal of 2014

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Toshikoshi Soba (or Year-End Soba)

Last night, Husband made delicious hot soba for our first homemade meal of 2014. Which was actually three days late because it’s a meal traditionally eaten on the last day of the year in Japan. But we’d had a bowl game watch party & finger foods on December 31, and so we went for our farewell-to-the-old-year, ring-in-the-new-year dinner a few days later.

For my Husband and I, New Year’s is our favorite holiday. When I was a child, Thanksgiving was mine, and I’m pretty positive my husband was always a fan of Christmas (his family has several celebrations!), but since we’ve been together, our holiday has always been New Year’s. When we were dating, it was the holiday we got to spend with each other, so it came to mean a lot to us. Married, it still does.

So it was something extra special when he made us this meal last night, and it feels like 2014 has finally gotten started.

Though, I am terribly confused by what day of the week it is. It certainly feels like it should be Sunday, but it’s definitely Friday, right? Mid-week holidays throw a kink into my internal calendar, so I hope it resets come the real Sunday.


B.E.D.April 23

Monday Night

Popping Stove Popped Popcorn Stove Popped Popcorn

I don’t like to brag. . . wait, the only people who say that are people who do like to brag. So let me rephrase that: I don’t like to bragĀ much online. I mostly do this because, really, only people who know me in person and who are very invested in my life care at all when I tell them things like, “I managed an ‘A’ in Medieval Literature! I am not on #ohgradschool academic probation! Ya!”


There is one thing that I pretty much will always brag about, and that is my ability to make the perfect stove-popped popcorn. It is the one cooking related thing that my mother was able to actually teach me. And it stuck. I promise the above photos do this popcorn no justice because the lighting in my kitchen is Very Yellow. But the popcorn is really, really, really delicious.

As a late night snack to power me through more revisions, I have made me a batch of my popcorn. Now I am taking my pages & pages of term paper desperately needing revision and attention, and I’m taking my popcorn, and I’m going to put on Charlotte Church, and I’m going to lie in bed & revise, revise, revise.

Here is a little Charlotte Church for you, so you can feel like you’re right here with me in this ever-growing-smaller term paper death trap.