Noveling through Summer

Flip-flops and Dead Bodies: NtS

This summer, I decided I wanted to write my novel. The novel that has been buzzing around my head since July of last summer, but which was put on indefinite hold because of #ohgradschool.

But this summer is wide open and I made the decision to Finally Write My Whole Novel. Except doing that is a lot easier said than done, and I knew I definitely couldn’t do it on my own. So I grabbed my long-trusted writing partners and said, “Hey gals & guy, who wants to write a novel this summer? I’ll harass you to meet your goals if you harass me to meet my goals!”

My writing partners being awesome all said yes to this idea.

So what are we doing exactly?

Together the five of us are embarking on a summer-long dedication to writing that ends with each of us meeting our individual, insane writing goals.

Kenzie is writing a 200-page manuscript of her novel, a story of murder and familial ties. She will be writing May through August.

L. is writing two novels this summer — she plans to write the sequel to Oath Heir and the first draft of a new WIP idea. She will be writing in June and July.

Matt is writing the sequel to a YA historical fantasy he is currently submitting to agents; his word goal for summer is 50,000 – 55,000. He will be writing in June and July.

Juliana is working on her assassin/spy novella, and then starting another story, but she’s still sorting out more concrete goals.

And I am writing a complete draft of #thatghoststory, the first in my Ghost Society series. I will be writing May through August.

Each week, we will be holding one another accountable to pre-set weekly goals through a combination of screen-shots & encouraging emails.

So what am I doing exactly?

I am working on actually writing the complete draft of #thatghoststory, and this is the brief synopsis:

Vera spends more time with ghosts than living people, helping them find peace in death. When Vera’s friend reappears as a ghost, she learns Lennon’s set on revenge, not peace, and she’s his first victim.

Each of us has broken down our larger summer goal into more manageable monthly goals, and those monthly goals have then again been divided into easy-to-accomplish (ha!) weekly goals. The breakdown of my entire summer is as follows:

  • May: ten-scene outline of novel; character profiles for 3 main characters & 3 secondary characters; outline of how Ghost Society functions.
  • June: 10 – 15 pages written each week; monthly goal of 60 pages (minimum).
  • July: 10 – 15 pages written each week; monthly goal of 60 pages (minimum).
  • August: 10 – 15 pages written each week; monthly goal of 60 pages (minimum).
  • Summer goal: completed manuscript of #thatghoststory.

What’s with the blog?

Each week we’ll be blogging our progress, our ups and our downs, and general group mayhem on our personal blogs. I know each of us would love your support in our noveling and our blogging endeavors this summer. So please come back weekly for an update about what I’m up to, what my friends are up to, and to see if writing has, in fact, killed me yet.

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