wrist tattoos + writing inspiration

I have always, always wanted a tattoo on my wrist. But I have a very low pain tolerance. And I can never keep my mind made up (which is why my hair color changes all the time). Something permanent, like a tattoo, is not something I should invest in.

But I still love wrist tattoos, so I collect images of them on Pinterest to keep me satisfied. Also, the narrator of the novel-in-progress has a tattoo on each wrist. I collect these images, also, as inspiration for her.




If you couldn’t tell, I am also a very big fan of birds and feathers and the like.

(BEDA: April 13, 2013)


  1. Ooh. I’m with you on loving wrist tattoos. My problem with tattoos, though, is that I’m too mercurial for my own good. I’d end up regretting any permanent change I made to my body, no matter how awesome. Give it a week and I’d be going “But… I really should have gone for an inspirational phrase instead…” A week later and it would be “No, a deeply personal symbol!” A week later “No, the name of one of my protagonists!” Only to have that protagonist’s name change.

    And so forth.

    But it’s always wonderful to see tattoos that really worked out for the person who got them. The fourth one down is my favorite.

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