i’m on a hairstyle kick

What can I say, I’m really into braid. Seriously, I wear my hair in some sort of braided ‘do nearly every day. At least 5 days of out 7. And yet, there are so many fantastic braided hairstyles I’ve never tried.

I’m a pro at french braiding, so it’s kind of shame that I haven’t gone outside my braiding comfort zone. Once upon a time (my freshman year of college), braiding my hair was the new style trick I’d learned, but not anymore.

So for part of BEDA, I think I’m going to try out different hairstyles and see if I can report back on them here. On the blog. And if anyone has any tips about how to take photos of the back of your head, please let me know!

Also, if you have a braided hairstyle you love, leave me a link because I’d love to put in the queue! So up tomorrow, this style (though my hair is probably not quite long enough to look this great):

(BEDA: April 9, 2013)

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