Friday Girls’ Day & Night

Today went nothing as planned. As planned, this Friday would have included cleaning my apartment (which resembles a 19-year-old boy’s place at the moment and, yes, I am disgusted by it myself) and grading for the technical writing course I teach. The only time-constrained activity on today’s agenda was a term project meeting with one of my professors at noon, and that went really, really well. 

After that, the day became much better than anticipated because I spent the whole Friday with two of my really good friends — L & CW. Today the both sent in near-final drafts of their M.A. papers for their M.A. defenses and we wanted to celebrate. So we went to get burgers and fries for a late lunch and then played a few hours of shuffleboard. After that we said, “Hey, it’s Friday, let’s not go home early and work, no. Let’s go eat Mexican food and catch a movie!” So we did. 

We saw OLYMPUS HAS FALLEN, which exceeded my expectations of an action film (which have seriously sucked recently). It’s essentially a rip-off of DIE HARD but that’s a good model to follow, imo. And sure, the dialogue is real terrible and the Greek mythology metaphor is way over done, but the film got my adrenaline going and there were some really creative killing sequences. 

So, you get this late post for BEDA because I was enjoying my final day for any kind of spontaneous relaxation until the semester ends and I’ve graduated. Sometimes sanity demands spontaneity. 

(BEDA: April 5, 2013)

P.S. Every website today sent me this email: ONLY 6 MONTHS UNTIL YOUR (MY) WEDDING DATE! Ooh, so much more to do in 6 months. Wowza. But now, it’s like the real countdown begins. Under six months and coming fast.