April 1, No Foolin’

It’s the first of April, and because it’s a month that begins with the letter ‘A’, it’s also time for B(log) E(every) D(ay) of A(pril)! I really & truly got involved with BEDA in a serious and committed way last year, and I am so excited to reprise the blogging tradition this year on Bailey is writing. It’s a challenge to blog every day of the month, especially the last month of the semester (and my last month of #ohgradschool ever! for the time being…). But last year I found that blogging every single day had me producing some interesting blog topics and I can’t wait to see what I come up with this year.

To kick off BEDA, I’m just leaving you all with this fun & happy announcement:

Today I passed my MA defense exam! so in a few short weeks I will really & truly be a Master of English.

(I’ve actually been having this recurring dream nightmare for several weeks now that my committee would call me into the room & tell me I passed my exam only to recant that statement by shouting APRIL FOOLS! Fortunately, this did not happen. I really did pass my exam.)

Until tomorrow!

(BEDA: April 1, 2013)


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