breakfast at tiffany’s

jan13 004 - rain jan13 009 - cat in sun

Yesterday it rained from the middle of the night until late in the afternoon, and showered on & off again throughout the night. Being a girl from the desert, and being from the sunniest state in the union, yesterday’s massive downpour & two days of constant cloud-cover had me a little antsy. Today it’s finally sunny again, and even Cat is delighted.

jan13 005 - diviners & bracelet

Yesterday I also received a rain-soaked package in the mail from my sister, Kenzie. The book is The Diviners by Libba Bray, which Kenz promised to send for weeks & weeks & weeks, and look, she finally did! Not that I’ll have a chance to read it before May. On top of The Diviners is a Deathly Hallows bracelet she made, and while she thought I wouldn’t wear it ever, of course I am! It has yellow yarn, and yellow is a wonderful color. 

jan13 008 - tiffany's

Finally, during all the rain yesterday, I picked up this book — Breakfast at Tiffany’s by Truman Capote. I’ve seen the movie countless times (though not in a while), but I’ve never read the story, despite having it handed down to me more than a decade ago from my oldest cousin on my mom’s side. It’s kind of epic because my cousin is an artist (and now also an architect), and his doodles throughout the pages are so simple, and yet, such a piece of him.

jan13_1 003 - wdp pin

But Breakfast at Tiffany’s gets me thinking about where my Tiffany’s is — where is that one place I can go and know, no matter what, I’ll feel better. Of course, it isn’t this simple, not in real life, and not in the story/movie, but I still think it’s an interesting question to ponder. I think usually, for me, it’s a particular Barnes & Noble. Growing up, I was allowed to go to the bookstore any night of the week, so it became an escape. In college, I spent so much time at a particular B&N I moved across the street. And now, I don’t visit the one B&N in my town nearly as often as I’ve wanted or needed to in the past, but I do still like to go look at new displays & read a book while drinking a coffee. If I have time to kill, it’s definitely the place I go. And usually, it’s a place everyone knows me. Not so much now, here, but in Albuquerque and Austin, definitely.

Where’s your Tiffany’s?



  1. I’ve never seen the movie OR read the book. Another lacking life experience for me. I haven’t read the Diviners, either, but Sweeney reviewed it and she liked it a lot.

    I don’t know where my place is. I’m not sure that I have one. I’m such a home person, that when I need escape, that’s where I find it: in the comfort of my own home.

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