first adult purchase of 2013

new_couch_jan13 002

Sorry for poor lighting – it’s raining & overcast, so all the light is my dull apartment lighting. (But spot the cat in the background!)

When I moved into my apartment in May 2012, I didn’t bring my couch with me. For one thing, it was absurdly heavy and very large (it was a couch bed), and it would have been too large for my smaller living area. For another thing, the men (husband-to-be and his dad) who move my furniture, refused to move the couch again, and I didn’t blame them one bit. But when I moved in May 2012, I didn’t exactly plan to go 7 months without a couch.

But I did. I could never find one I liked in my price range, and while I desperately needed a couch, I am terrible at spending money on things I need. I needed a couch, but couches are expensive and I am great at talking myself out of spending large sums of money.

Then I walked into a World Market this weekend and saw this small day bed on sale. I knew it would fit into my apartment’s small living area without making it look smaller still, and the sides fold down so the sofa can become a bed, which was the appeal of my previous couch-bed. Sure, it was $50 over my intended budget, but as husband-to-be reminded me, that budget for was for a used, consigned couch, and this was a brand new, never used sofa. So after wandering around World Market for about an hour, and sitting on this sofa a dozen times, I knew I really liked it and I asked husband-to-be if he liked it so much to use it in our new home in the fall. He really did, so that was that.

Don’t worry, it won’t remain white for long. I have a mostly black cat, and while she is currently afraid of the new sofa, she won’t be a scaredy-cat for long. There is a teal slipcover for this sofa, and I love it, so that will be the next semi-big purchase I make this year, but again, it’s necessary. Black cats and white sofas are not friends. Or, they are, and that’s the problem.



  1. world market is both dangerous and fabulous when it comes to outfitting an apartment. i pretty much won’t let myself go in there because i can’t afford the ottoman i will inevitably purchase upon walking through the sliding doors.

    i’m so excited that the slip cover is teal. that couch is precious and a teal couch is even better. congrats on your big girl buy!

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