What’s this, a button?

Part of this year’s blog makeover is incorporating blog buttons as my blog-roll in the sidebar instead of the typical set of links. I always want to share things I’m loving with you, my readers, and what better way than to promote blogs than through their buttons? I love blog buttons because they reflect upon the personality of the blog being represented, and they add a bit of class & style to the blog that opts to display them.

I also decided that if I’m going to display a bunch of buttons I love, maybe I should offer up a button as a reflection of this little corner of the internet. So, last week I asked the darling Carrie Butler to pretty please with sugar on top make me a blog button, and she delivered something spectacular:

The new "bailey is writing" blog button designed by the so talented Carrie Butler!

The new “bailey is writing” blog button designed by the so talented Carrie Butler!

Find my button in my right sidebar, and if you have some blogs you love reading, leave recommendations for me in the comments. January is the perfect month to find some new favorites of long-time loves.



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