I’m over on NA Alley all week!

It’s Monday, and it’s also the Monday where I post on NA Alley and spend the week talking to our blog readers, our Twitter followers, and our email senders. Gearing up for a week on NA Alley can be a bit stressful (it takes a lot of prep!), but when the week is finally here and I finally get to kick back, post some blogs, and just chat with fellow NA writers and readers, it’s always a blast.

This week I have launched Alley Reads, a New Adult Online Book Club. What can I say? I like to keep my Monday’s productive. We’re beginning with Cally Jackson’s The Big Smoke (I’ve posted about it here on this blog) and we’ll be discussing it on December 19 with a live blog chat.

In my own words, “Alley Reads is designed to be a leisurely book club, giving all of us a chance (and the motive) to tackle that NA reading list while still managing other life priorities.

Head on over the Alley this week to learn more about Alley Reads and to spend some time with me.  Also on tap this week: Agent in the Alley pitch contest with Julia Webber, Wednesday, November 7. Be sure to swing by to enter a pitch if you have a revised NA manuscript.

And one more thing: GO VOTE.