Ask Wednesday, August 15

What book(s) are you excited to read next? 

It’s that day of the week again! The day I ask you guys a question. It can be any book — a book that you’ve owned for a while & haven’t gotten around to reading; a book that hasn’t been released yet; a book you keep eyeing at the bookstore or library, but just haven’t quite reached for yet.

Here is a book I’ve seen around the Internet and at the bookstore and have heard mentioned in others’ conversation at the bookstore. (I eavesdrop on the booksellers, what can I say?) It’s one that isn’t on my immediate to-read list because I’m determined to read every unread book in my apartment before acquiring new books (with the exception of books-as-gifts). But it is a book I really want to read and it’s a book that’s pushing me through my aforementioned read-all-the-books-I-own challenge.

Tiger Lily by Jodi Lynn Anderson

From all I’ve gathered, this isn’t exactly a retelling of Peter Pan but more a reinterpretation of Peter Pan. This novel is — as you can guess from the title — told from the perspective of Tiger Lily, the Indian princess in the original tale (though from reviews, I also understand that in this novel she isn’t an Indian princess but the daughter of the medicine man).

I seek out retellings and reinterpretations of classic tales, the ones we all grew up with, as often as I can and in all forms of media. I prefer reinterpretations, though. I like the freedom an author takes with a classic story, and I like to see how that story has twisted inside another person’s head. Because every time I do reread a classic story — Alice in WonderlandThe Wizard of OzPeter Pan and others — I realize how much I change it in my own head. There are bits of those stories that exist in my head that aren’t actually in the books themselves, but over time my own imagination and others’ interpretations have altered how I remember these tales. I think it’s interesting how we each can read the same story and certain things stand out, and certain things change slightly, and certain things become forgotten.




  1. I’m waiting for the weather to cool down, so that I can re-read Hannah Tinti’s “The Good Thief.” It’s a beautiful book (a bit like Oliver Twist meets Huck Finn meets awesome), but it has a very drizzly feeling to it that doesn’t vibe well with 100 degree days.

    • That sounds like a very interesting book! I’ve read Huck Finn — the first time I hated it, the second time I really liked it (I was 11 and 23, respectively) — but I haven’t actually read the full version of Oliver Twist. Just the little kid version of the story. But I really like books that match up with weather.

  2. A few of the books I’m looking forward to are:

    The Archived by Victoria Schwab, releasing in January. I just got through the 100-page release and it’s brilliant. I want more. *pets book*

    Unwholly by Neal Shusterman, coming out in just two weeks! I loved Unwind and can’t wait to get back into that horrifying world.

    Shadows by Ilsa J. Bick. It’s the second book in the Ashes series and I just got the ARC last night. Whooo!

  3. I’ve got like, thirty books in boxes I haven’t had a chance to read yet, but one that’s sitting on my coffee table is GONE GIRL by Gillian Flynn. Once I saw the hold list at my local library (1700 and counting!) I badgered my boyfriend into buying it for me.

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