35-word Pitch Critique Today @ NA Alley

Do you know what’s a good exercise? Writing a 35-word pitch for your manuscript or work in progress. Even better than that? Having the opportunity to seek feedback & provide other writers with feedback. It’s a cycle that helps you (the universal you) with writing, thinking, and critiquing. 

I just wanted to leave this post directing you to NA Alley today where we’re hosting a 35-word New Adult pitch critique. Author Lynn Rush is our guest critique-r, and she’s doing a fabulous and diligent job on every critique posted, and us NA ladies are doing our best to keep up with her!

While this is meant to be of particular help to those authors preparing for YAtopia’s pitch contest on July 10, and while I definitely encourage you writers with completed NA manuscripts to participate in YAtopia’s pitch contest on July 10, I don’t think anyone would mind if you just dropped by to share in the big feedback cycle.

We’re all seeking & offering critiques on 35-word pitches, revising frantically, but smartly, and then repeating the process. It’s been a fun day so far, and it will undoubtedly continue to be fun. If you haven’t joined us, you should.

You may also want to read Juliana’s post from yesterday about writing a 35-word pitch. And if you don’t have a completed manuscript today, don’t worry about it. Neither do I, but writing the 35-word pitch for #thatghoststory has helped me simplify my thoughts about the novel and has reminded me that at the heart of every story is a strong, simple idea.