NtS Weekly Update

It’s been a while. I’ve missed you.

Let’s begin with a tangent: I only really came to like blogging about six months ago, in January, at the beginning of this year. I’ve had this blog since August of last year, and I’ve been blogging more or less regularly since October 2010. But when I found myself actually enjoying blogging, and having things to blog about, and relishing in the conversations with readers, I also knew I could let this blog become too important too fast.

It became imperative, then, that whenever my schedule became overloaded, blogging was the thing to be bumped first from the weekly agenda over other things. Things like work for #ohgradschool, work for the job that pays me (which I’ll have new & different news about in August), work on #thatghoststory, work with NA Alley now, and more important than anything else on any given day, my relationships with people.

This tangent sums up why I’ve been MIA for most of June: life’s been busy. And as is usually the case for me, when my life’s busy, nothing all that interesting is happening. I’m swamped with normal, completely boring-to-blog-about things. (I find these things fun, but you really don’t care. I promise.)

I am required to blog each week, though, about my progress on #thatghoststory for Noveling through Summer, and I’m quite happy that I’ve got some progress to update on this week.

One thing I did this week was reallocate my usual blogging time — including brainstorming topics, writing & editing the post, and then sharing the post — to writing my novel time. Possibly the best reallocation of writing time ever. (This is kind of why that tangent fit in — blogging time became writing time.)

So what did I accomplish this week with #thatghoststory? I wrote 14 pages, or ~ 12.5k words.

Which means for this week, I actually accomplished a listed goal for June — I wrote between 10 & 15 pages of the novel. So I name that a success. The novel officially has a beginning on paper.

14 pages in a week is challenging in the most rewarding way, and while I would love to still be fretting over this scene that’s got me a little stumped, I know I’m stumped because I’m a little fried. I set aside my pages this morning, and I’m out of town this weekend, and I’ll be returning to #thatghoststory on Monday with fresh eyes and fresh ideas.



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