Home from Las Vegas

These are the only photos I have from Las Vegas because both Mom and I are very bad at taking pictures while on vacation.

So you know that I did the SkyJump from the Stratosphere hotel (or maybe you didn’t, but you do now), and this is the photographic evidence… of sorts. I really did jump, though there isn’t any picture of that. But really — I did jump. It was the most spectacular and thrilling experience, and easily the best moment of the entire trip. But here we are, me and then Mom, up on top of the building all suited-up and ready to fly.

I’m still inside the building — safe & sound.

& now I’m outside the building on the ledge I’ll jump from — it’s not quite gut-tightening until your toes are over the edge & the man is counting down.

Mom all safe inside & ready to be outside those doors.

Mom on the ledge — and holding on for safety.

I jumped before my mom did, so I was on the ground going blind staring up at the top of the building (855 feet up!) trying to see her jump. When the man asked who was jumping first, my hand shot in the air like this was some in-class pop quiz. My mom laughed, and then asked why I wanted to go first — I told her the truth, if I watched her jump first, I’d probably freak out. I’m not sure I could actually watch, up close, my mother jump from a building. So, naturally, I gave her the task of watching her daughter jump off a building from close proximity.

They give you this bag to carry around your included-in-the-price souvenirs  (those include these photos on jump drives, and a funny little certificate signed by one of the employees to verify completion of jump), and for the rest of the day every employee at the Stratosphere would say to us, “Oh, you did the jump! You’re awesome!” After the jump we did the other rides at the Stratosphere, and all of them were great, but the ride operators would say, “This will be nothing compared to the SkyJump.” Those employees were right.

I know they say What Happens in Vegas, Stays in Vegas — but who wouldn’t brag about taking an 855 foot jump off the Stratosphere hotel?

Beyond this, our trip was nice but pretty uneventful. We stayed at the Luxor, which has an elevator that’s basically a ride. We actually slept a lot — we have both been so exhausted, and this trip was meant to rejuvenate us both, so sleep was a top priority. A frequent question in Vegas is, “Are you getting enough sleep?” At our “yes” answer, we’d be on the receiving end of some very peculiar looks.

We spent time by the pool and shopping, and we both agreed our meal at RM Seafood on Friday night was the best overall dining experience we’ve ever had, so we went again Saturday night. We went to see KA (a Cirque show) and it was breathtaking & magnificent. All in all, it was a good trip, and while I’m sure I’ll go sometime in the future with Boyfriend so he can see Vegas, I definitely won’t be recommending the destination.



  1. Gosh it looks awesome, though I would never do it LOL
    About 5 years ago, I freaked out on a rollercoaster–don’t ask me why. I went on several before that and never had a problem, until that day. Then I never tried any other thrill rides and don’t plan too lol
    Glad you had a great time though!

    • I have a few rides that still really freak me out — but I like those ones quite a lot. I guess that’s the point. When I was a really little kid, my mother would pay me to go on thrill rides with her & my dad. Eventually I learned to love the stomach-twisting jolt of fear from them. If they don’t freak me out I still like them for the fun of it, but I really, really enjoy the thrills that actually thrill me.

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