Two links, a video, & a song — all for you

On the off-chance you didn’t notice, I changed up my blog layout again. I like pretty much everything about this layout  — I really adore the left menu and the orange and the still-small but easier to read font.

I’m going on vacation at the end of the week, and won’t be back until next week, so today I’m giving you guys lots of things I’ve found around the Internets in the past several days that I found interesting, that you may also find interesting.

Some writing related things:

How to go from writing 2,000 words per day to 10,000 words per day — I’m not sure I’d ever want or need to write that much in a single day, but I think the method behind the madness is very sound. Many authors are making their own adjustments and word goals to go with Rachel Aaron’s set-up, and it’s something I might try out in July for Noveling through Summer.

Embrace boredom — Kristan Hoffman writes a very short & sweet blog post about how the Internets have become filler, and embracing boredom; and how letting our imagination pass our free time, might be a good jump start to our writing juices. I like what she says; I, too, love unplugging for a while.

Your punctuation personality — a (totally made up) scientific analysis of what your favorite punctuation mark says about you; I’m an ampersand, what are you?

A video for your viewing & listening pleasure:

And finally, a band for you to fall in love with:

Hey Ocean! Jordyn from Ten Cent Notes mentioned them in a post she did this week — I am completely in love with the band in just 24 hours, and you can listen to their new CD, in full, HERE.  But in case that doesn’t convince you to click the link,  here is a “video” of their song “Make a New Dance Up” which I very literally danced to for several hours last night.

Enjoy! I may be back tomorrow with an NtS update like a good group writer, but I may be overtaken by Things That Need To Get Done Before Vacation. It’s unclear. I have a lot left to do that I haven’t done.

Leave a comment below about some interesting / cool / neat / or otherwise fascinating things you’ve stumbled upon online this week. And then unplug and take Hoffman’s advice: embrace boredom.



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