I’m a Stylish Blogger, the fancy badge says so!

Summer Lane, my NA Sister, has tagged me with this Stylish Blogger award. Neat — my style is seeping (what a great-but-gross-sounding verb!) from my closet to my blog space. It’s really inevitable.

Alright, so it’s really not *inevitable* but a few of you may remember back in my old days of blogging (back when I was on Blogger, not WordPress) that a large portion of my blog was about fashion. I created outfits on requests and I reviewed books and I talked about NaNo. It was a pretty good blog, but obviously not the direction I wanted to keep going.

With this blog award from Summer, I’m pretty excited to talk about something a little fashion-y today.

The rule is simple — answer this question: when was the last time I got dolled up (you know, dressed up for some formal occasion or a date or, perhaps,  just because). 

April 28.

I know the exact date because a very close friend of Boyfriend’s (and now of me) got married — it was a truly beautiful & spectacular wedding. Seriously, books & old trunks & interesting knick-knacks & baby’s breath made up their center pieces on the tables. It was held in an old mansion in town and the style fit the venue. Absolutely breathtaking.

I wore this dress (it looks better on me than on this blonde) with some strappy, white sandals I wear pretty much every day:

And it was all very fun.

But aside from this wedding, I get really dressed up a few times a year. For weddings, and for holiday dinners, and for my anniversary, and usually Boyfriend & I will have a “fancy date night” just because we can. We both like getting dressed up, so we do it when we can.

The next rule is also simple: tag 3 more people for this award.

I’d like to see what these 3 people can come up with for this blog award tag:

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  1. I love when you tweet about getting dressed up! Haha. I know both you & BF like it, so it’s fun to live vicariously through your outfits & see what you’re up to.

    Yellow is one of my favorite colors, too.

    Perhaps you can write up a makeup post? I remember you telling me you don’t wear it often, but I love seeing what other girls use. 🙂

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