Where’s your favorite space?

Something I loved about Blog Me MAYbe (waaah, so sad it’s over now!) was the May I ask something about you? Wednesday.

Quickly, Wednesday became my favorite day to blog in May, and all y’all had the best answers to my questions. There is no reason for me to stop asking questions just because May has come and gone (but seriously, where did it go?!), so I’m going to keep asking you questions on Wednesdays. I want to keep hearing your answers, and reading the discussion in the comments, and I really encourage you to either subscribe to the comment feeds on these or check back regularly. I do respond to every comment & I like to talk, so I’ll probably have follow-up questions for you!

Let’s get to today’s question already!

Where’s your favorite space?

I promised pictures of my new place, and the other day I shared a few of them on Twitter — but this is my new bedroom. Left is my desk area and right is my bed and reading corner and YA bookshelf. I pretty much don’t leave my bedroom if I’m at home.

Of course, it helps that I don’t have a couch yet, so I have to sit on the floor in my living room. But even when I get a couch, I suspect that unless Boyfriend or friends are over, I’ll still spend most of my time in my room.

My new desk set-up is seriously productive — there is absolutely no clutter on that desk, and that allows me to spread out everything I need to get work done, whether it’s working on #thatghoststory or something else.

I also spend a few hours at night in that reading corner, unwinding from the day and usually snacking on popcorn. The pillow on that chair is meant to go on my couch when I get one, but seriously, that’s the most comfortable chair ever. It rocks just a little bit.

And in case you were already thinking it, I’ll just go ahead and confirm it: my bedroom is essentially an IKEA catalog.

So where’s your favorite space? It can be in your apartment/house, or your office, or some place out in the world you like to go, or maybe it’s just in your own mind. Snap a picture and share it in the comments because I would love to see your favorite space!



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