May I ask you about moving?

In the spirit of moving, and in doing something for the final week of Blog Me MAYbe, I want to ask you a two-part positive & negative style question. 

What’s your favorite thing about moving? What’s your least favorite thing about moving? 

My answers are related, opposites even — my favorite thing is unpacking and my least favorite thing is packing. 

I am a little overzealous in my organizational schemes, so packing begins slowly with me being too organized and ends with me frantically throwing things in any box I can find (and that causes me great, great trauma). So unpacking is a real joy because I can put things back into their place — usually finding them new places to live and making my organization even more organized — and that makes me very, very peaceful. I grew up in the custom home building business (t’was a family business) and my aunt was the interior decorator with some help from my mom — I absolutely love decorating and creating room designs (it’s the only reason I play SIMS). I think it’s possible I will have everything at least out of boxes tonight, if not actually put up and away yet. 

Answer below and I can’t wait to show you guys pictures of my new place when it’s finally all put together!



  1. favorite: possibilities

    least favorite: getting boxes from one place to another. (after we moved across the country, loading and unloading a moving van by ourselves, we said ‘never again’ and hired movers for our last move.)

    • Possibilities are definitely a great perk to moving! And lugging boxes is definitely a pain — my last move was from one city to another, but I was moving out of a 3rd floor apartment, and it was only Bf and I to load the moving van. Thankfully once we got here his family was able to help us unload, but that we actually loaded the van, just the two of us, and managed so many stairs dumbfounds me. But in his words, “We did it because we had to.”

  2. In the last 8 years, I moved 7 times.
    I love the excitement of a new home, putting all together, creating a new home.
    I hate the stress … because I’m a stressed person, so it’s really easy to get even more stressed when things aren’t going the way I want them too 😉

  3. My favorite part about moving is throwing a bunch of stuff out. I’m not a pack-rat by any means, but I love having the excuse to toss out a bunch of stuff I don’t need without feeling badly.
    My least favorite part of moving is actually the whole process of finding a new home. Looking at apartments, filling out paperwork, and switching my address on everything.

    • OH YES, throwing things away and making a huge pile of donations is a really great part of moving! This time around I am throwing away ALL OF THE PENS. Well, not really, but all the ones I never use and that just sit in drawers and in which all the ink is probably dry & dead anyway. I am a pen snob and I have decided to stop denying this & just clear all the clutter of unused pens out of my drawers.

      I really like apartment hunting, actually, and this time around paperwork and address changing was really easy for me since all my bills are included now except utilities, and that I changed online! There was that $1 to change my adderss with the post office, though…

  4. I hate packing and unpacking, and living in bare rooms with everything in boxes. The worst was when my family moved back to Pennsylvania my junior year of high school and our original plans to live in Pittsburgh while my dad was a full-time MBA student royally fell through. We were stuck in my paternal grandparents’ house in Latrobe while 99% of our belongings were in boxes in my other grandparents’ house in Glenshaw while they were in Florida till the spring.

    If I had a favorite thing about the moves I’d had so far, it would be getting away from a place I was unhappy in, or a place that never completely felt like home.

    • Now *that* is a moving horror story!

      I will say I like having actual stuff to move now, even if it means more work. When I lived in the dorm and would move to & from my home 900+ miles away, everything had to fit in my SUV. Granted, an SUV can hold a lot of stuff but still. I like having my own furniture and my own bed and more than one set of sheets & towels and that sort of thing. It’s completely material, but I like all my stuff — even my absurd number of books for an apartment.

      I get the “feeling like home” thing, too. There wasn’t anything really wrong with the apartment I just moved out of, but two days in my new one and it already just feels so much more home like to me. I’m much more comfortable here.

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