I’m a Versatile Blogger — the fancy badge says so!

I have been nominated for this award by L.G. Kelso and Sharon Bayliss — I must say, I’m really touched. I do actively try to keep my blogging pretty versatile and interesting, though my posts trend towards writing and reading and English-y school things.

Now, there are some rules for this award — I must share 7 facts about myself and nominate other people for this award.

As far as nominating others goes, I often include posts on my blog about other bloggers you should check out and I basically think you should just come around frequently to see those recommendations.

Some blogs that I love to read are: Ramblings of a Redhead, The Official Blog of Matthew Reeves, Kenzie Audacious, Juliana Haygert’s blogNA Alley, So, You’re a Writer…, Nicola Hearts, and a dozen others, and of course the blogs that awarded me this award. So check those out.

Now, 7 Facts About Me

  1. I do naturally have red-auburn hair, and yes, I also dye it so it’s much brighter than natural.
  2. I mimic voices — I am really obnoxious after seeing a foreign films because I pick up accents very quickly. I don’t really do this on purpose, but I am aware that I do it.
  3. I still am quite a big fan of Jesse McCartney. (See this post for context.)
  4. My dream writing job would be to write a TV show — I think that would be the best writing challenge ever. I don’t pretend to actively pursue this dream at all. I have never written a script and probably never will. I just think working in TV sounds neat.
  5. I was born into a very artistic family — I’ve been blessed that, for the most part, my desire to be a writer has always been encouraged & supported. (Though I am eternally envious of my relatives’ artistic abilities — they’re musicians and artists, and I am inept at music and photography and drawing.)
  6. I’m not sure I’ve ever written a “happy” story — my characters always have terrible obstacles to overcome. Even the first story I ever remember writing, Poises, was about an outcast poison tree frog. Poor frog.
  7. I am an athlete — I play on a city league soccer team, and I dance, and I go crazy if I don’t get to the gym a few times a week. I have to balance all the sitting writing involves with lots of physical activity.

These answers are likely to change up every now & then if anyone else ever nominates me for this award again. And now to ask you, what’s a random, off-the-top-of-your-head fact about you?



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