Lucky Seven tag, NtS check-in, and Blog Me MAYbe, oh my!

I have loads of things going on this Monday night, and for Blog Me MAYbe I’m supposed to talk about writing, and I’m supposed to check in for Noveling through Summer, and by sheer coincidence Sheila Hurst also tagged me in this Lucky Seven game of blog tag. Which deals with writing, so it just fits in nicely to the other two daily requirements.

Here’s how Lucky Seven works:

  • Go to page 7 or 77 in your current manuscript
  • Go to line 7
  • Post on your blog the next 7 lines or sentences – as they are
  • Tag 7 other people to do the same

So at first I was going to tell Sheila, “Hey, when I hit 7 or 77 pages of the MS I’m working on — which I haven’t actually started writing, I’m just planning & zero drafting — then I’ll totally jump in on this game of tag.”  But then I thought about looking at the original brain-dump zero-zero-zero draft (if that can exist) of #thatghoststory. The very beginning of this whole novel idea was a crazy few days where I wrote 18 pages of material and then stopped to do all the planning, and characterization, and world building, and plot sequencing, and scene drafting. BUT there is a very early draft — and though almost nothing in that “draft” remains intact, I still looked at it.

The 7 lines excerpt from the 7th page are definitely not going to exist as-is, well, ever again. But the moment that happens will exist. So I thought, why not share? Here’s a very preliminary sneak-peak at #thatghoststory and something that happened at the earliest moment of novel conception:

“I was a little confused being the bridge, at first. I thought maybe I was hallucinating or dreaming, but then you said you could hear me. You needed me to remember who you are, which I figure must be a way to get me to remember who am. It’s a pretty logical conclusion that I died, and my next logical leap is going to be that I’m a ghost.”

Vera looked up at Connor, and he just shrugged down at her.

“Yeah, you’re a ghost,” said Connor.

Lennon looked down at himself. At the moment he just like a pale outline, a weak water color of the man who used to exist. “Do all ghosts look this… see-through?”

Believe me, I know a lot of that sucks… especially Lennon rambling at the beginning, but at this earliest point of imagining, I knew something crucial about Lennon’s character and had absolutely no idea how or when he’d display or hide that trait — and coming back from the dead is kind of a Big Life Death Moment, and his trait must wrap in there. I now know how that works out, and knowing that makes him slightly less awkward in dialogue. Only slightly. He’s kind of just awkward.

And a note on the author (me): I am horrible at keeping my verb tenses straight. Really, really terrible at it. It’s my writing downfall.

As for the seven other bloggers I’m tagging… well, I don’t feel like tagging seven, so I’m going to tag my writing partners from Noveling through Summer: L.G. Kelso, Matt Reeves, Kenzie Audacious, and Juliana Haygert.  Don’t feel like you must play, but it was kind of fun to look at something from an earlier draft.

For a semi-real update on #thatghoststory and Noveling through Summer, things are going well. I’m working out Vera’s character profile and her very extensive history, as well as Lennon’s profile and history because it’s very intricately tied into Vera-as-narrator.  I hope next week will see me completed with these, and tackling the other major character’s outlines, which are slightly less intimidating, but still pretty complicated. I had planned to have a 10-scene outline complete by the end of May, but that may push back into the first week of June. I’m having a lot of success slowly seeing scenes and am able to piece those together in a semblance of order, but there are still lots of gaps and holes and dark corners I can’t see around yet.



  1. Oh, first drafts are filled with awesome things. I’m happy you’re doing well with Vera’s character profile, even if May goals may not be completed. This month has gone WAY too fast.

    As for tagging me, I’m definitely going to do it, but I’ll probably use my previous NaNo manuscript rather than waiting for the first week of June. Time to go find copies of that horrible story.


    This is fun. If I have some time next week I will totally do it (and if not, the week after).
    And I remember that scene of yours very well. Fun times fun times.
    Remember, “we both do ghost.”
    “and it’s pretty hot”
    I forgot how you added the hair curling thing…?

    • Poor Lennon, he has such a rough go at it. I think you *should* totally find time in the next few weeks to post this little tag game — it was a lot of fun to do.
      “We both do ghosts,” said one. “And it’s pretty hot,” said the other. Heh. We just need that on something… a sticker maybe. I have no idea how I worked in the hair curling thing, but I make it a point to do so every time. Speaking of, my hair is curly today!

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