What are you doing this summer? (Blog Me MAYbe)

Blog Me MAYbe — Wednesday — MAY I ask something about you?

So after getting into the habit of blogging every day in April, not blogging every day feels like I’ve cut of some small limb, one I’m not quite aware of  normally, like say my pinky, but then now I go to use my pinky all the time and it’s not there. Okay, so that’s a really awful analogy for blogging, but basically every day I think, “Oh, this would be something interesting to blog about,” and then I remember I’m not blogging everyday. Then I wondered why — so if I come back to blogging every, or almost every, week day, would that be alright with you, my dear blog readers? 

And don’t worry, that’s not actually the question I’m asking you. It’s just question I’m asking you. So anyway, it’s Wednesday and I did mention that I would probably do Wednesday combined with Blog Me MAYbe because I liked the prompt. I like the prompt because I want my blog to be home to some discussion — I want y’all to feel comfortable leaving comments, and sharing your opinions, and all of us meshing and not meshing as the mood suits us. In constructive, community-building ways.

So today I ask you:

Do you have any fun things planned for summer? Or is it just the same ol’, same ol’, and if it is, what are you looking forward to in the next 3.5 months anyway?

For me, I actually have a summer break this year, though that’s only sort of true because I do hold a regular job and will have to go work every day. But there is no #ohgradschool, and that’s just fantastic. If you read yesterday’s post, then you know I also have Noveling through Summer. I am also an NA Sister, and with my other sisters, I am really excited to keep promoting NA Alley and supporting the NA writer and reader community at large; for that, I am hoping to read one or two NA books a month before I go back to school in September.

I am moving at the end of the month, which I think I’ve mentioned here before, but now it’s slowly creeping up on me and over the weekend I’ll probably make a list of all the things that need to be done like canceling my cable and switching my utilities and having my mail forwarded and buying a ton of boxes. I’m selling some books today, and later this week making a much needed clothes donation run, all in prep of moving. Having less to move is always good in my book, and I have definitely collected some stuff while I’ve been in this apartment.

Lastly, I’m going on some vacations. Only the vacation with my mother is finalized and for sure happening in June, but Boyfriend is ready to get out of town, and we’ll probably get away in July. And I’m sure I’ll see my Dad this summer, either going away someplace or just visiting him.

Please leave your answer to my question(s) in the comments below, and have a good Wednesday!



  1. I love this “Blog me Maybe” like the new song on the radio (which I don’t really love). This summer I’m just reading and planning my syllabus for the next school year. YAY! What are you doing?

    • “Call Me Maybe” was sort of the end-of-term theme song around here between me & my friend. The video version with Justin Beiber. It was so much teenage insanity, but you do what ya gotta do to stay feeling young and alive while cranking out term papers.

      And I’m doing all the things I said I was doing in my blog post — working, reading, writing, traveling, moving, to sum it up quickly.

  2. It looks like I’ll be back at Camp Gan Israel this summer, a day camp for kids ages 3-12 run out of the local Orthodox day school. I had a blast as a co-counselor there last summer, and helped teach two of the littlest girls to swim (one of whom is one of the kids of my primary rabbi and rebbetzin). They take a field trip every week, and will probably repeat some of them. Last year we went to a farm to pick cherries and strawberries, to a nearby mid-sized hobby farm, to a few museums, and to a nature preserve I hadn’t been to in probably at least 15 years.

    • That sounds like so much fun! I always wanted to be a camp counselor, but I kind of don’t like being in nature for that long and I also am sort of horrible with children that aren’t related to me. I am terrified of breaking children! Museums are so much fun, though, and that’s such a great field trip for kids. Picking fruits sounds like fun. I bet it tastes great freshly picked. I’ve never done that.

  3. You probably know all of this already, but I’m going to leave a comment anyway!

    I’ll be getting a new job, getting a new apartment in a new town, and working on Noveling through Summer with you. We’ll probably end up throwing in Vlog Every Day in August, since we’re completely crazy.

    Generally, I’ll be adjusting to a new lifestyle. Which is good.

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