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Blog Me MAYbeMondayMAY I tell you something about writing?

So it’s another Blog Me MAYbe day here at baileyiswriting, and since I am also supposed to talk about Noveling through Summer once a week, until the end of May these two posts are going to be combined. This blog fest is very convenient to my usual content, and I really like that.

I have done some odds & ends work on #thatghoststory here as the semester winds up, but mostly I’ve just been letting my semester wrap up before diving headfirst into all that Noveling through Summer entails and all I want to accomplish in May with #thatghoststory. If you click that pretty picture above wherever you happen to see it on this blog or on other blogs, it should always bring you back to my main page for Noveling through Summer. But anyway, here is my goal for May:

May: ten-scene outline of novel; character profiles for 3 main characters & 3 secondary characters; outline of how Ghost Society functions.

I can’t say I have done any of that yet. I’ve written some zero drafts of the beginning and the climax, but I really do need to step back again and outline. I don’t get far without outlines. I am an outliner.

This week I think I’m just going to finish wrapping up my semester — all my course work is done, I just have to finish grading my students! — and then I’ll figure out a writing schedule I can stick to and start with that next week.

And don’t forget to check up on how the other Noveling through Summer participants are doing, and give them your support, too! You can find their buttons on my Noveling trough Summer main page.

Oh, and as always, be sure to stay up-to-date with NA Alley as my sisters and I also Blog Me MAYbe all month. We’re also hosting an epic giveaway, so be sure to enter!



  1. I actually started working on my novel too. It’s because I started a new job with some down time, and typing is the safest entertainment I have. 🙂

    But. Now that I’ve started, I’m really excited about forcing myself to complete it. MUST COMPLETE IT.

    • Oh, I love the efforts of self-forced completion. If you aren’t already, I’d love to read blogs about your progress, or please continue to stop by here to update me, or on Twitter, or wherever. I think it’s important to offer back & forth support, and I’d definitely like to know how your novel writing is progressing now that you’ve begun it in some down time (which is pretty much how I always write novels, so having a schedule will be different and interesting).

      Also, I host online write-ins, so let me know if you want to be in the loop on when those are — we host them at night, so if there is a particular week night in the summer that you want to give up, lemme know. I’m taking suggestions now.

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