B.E.D.April 29

Evening folks!

Tomorrow is the last day of B.E.D.A., and yet, into next week it still looks like I will be blogging (almost) every day. So I’m going to use tonight’s post as a preview of what’s to come this week and more about what’s to come in the month of May.

Monday — B.E.D.April 30 — as with all of my B.E.D.A. posts, I have no idea what I’m going to talk about, but I’m going to be sure to reflect back on the month of April and B.E.D.A., and when I may do this again next, and what I would do differently, and what I would do the same.

Tuesday — Launch of NA Alley — I am really super duper excited that y’all can finally see the amazing NA Alley unveiled. Jaycee did a fantastic job with our design, and I’m very excited about what each of the Sisters has contributed to the blog and what we will each contribute in the future. NA Alley is participating in the MAYbe blog fest for our first month to get our name out there and really dive right into invigorating the online community surrounding New Adult literature. After may, the NA Sisters will be posting to NA Alley every Monday.

Wednesday — Absolutely nothing! — can I just say how excited I am to have a day off from blogging, FINALLY? I am really excited. I have really liked blogging every day, and I know that I can now handle a much higher posting schedule on this blog because (a) I have forced myself to find the time to blog this month, and (b) my readers seem engaged & interested with a higher post frequency judging from my stats and comments.  But I am really, really excited for a day off. Really.

Thursday — Something About Someone Else — here at baileyiswriting I am also participating in the MAYbe blog fest, but I am only going to do the posts for Thursday and Mondays. This will be my first post for MAYbe, and while I’m still sorting out some details on this, I’m pretty thrilled to be doing it.

FridaySmart Chick Spotlight — I know, I know, I promised a post for this last week, but in making that promise I forgot that I was already participating in the Oh, My Hero! blog hop and I didn’t want to short change that event. So this Friday I really am posting a SCS blog, and then I really will be doing this every 2 weeks (unless other blog hops conflict in the future; participating in blog hops or blog fests or whatever else will trump my usual content).

Saturday — Book Review — I will posting a review of 172 Hours on the Moon by Jonah Harstad. This book dropped on 4/17 in the States, but I didn’t finish reading it until last week, and then I’ve just been swamped. In the future, all book reviews I post will be posted on Saturdays.

While this week does begin the month of May, I will not be beginning my weekly blog posts for Noveling through Summer until the following week. This week is already crazy for blogging and this is also my last full week for #ohgradschool, at least as far as my assignments are concerned. So I will choose a day for Noveling through Summer posts next week, and you can expect those beginning sometime after May 7.

So what are your plans for blogging in May? Are you participating in any fun & interesting blog hops or blog fests or other such things? Let me know in the comments below.



  1. Serious congrats on blogging every day! I was working on a project for Childhood trauma over Christmas where my partner and I were reading two Sweet Valley High books every week. It was only two posts, but all the work involved? I know that: hooray blogging break! feeling.

    As for May, I’m going to try and be a little more consistant. I missed a few posts in April and I always feel terrible. I want to see if I can start a section or series about the books I read, since I read so much, but that is to be determined.

    • Thank you for the congrats, but I’m still trying to get my blog together for today & am slightly afraid the Internet is going to implode or something to doom me from completing B.E.D.A. Now wouldn’t that be cruel?

      I wish you the best of luck with beginning a new series on the books you read — for as much as I read, keeping up with the book side of this blog is where I fail the most. But on blogging more consistently in general, I think B.E.D.A. taught me a lot about my ability to schedule & the fact that not blogging really just boils down to excuses for me. For that reason, I totally get the guilty I didn’t blog! feeling.

      I’ll be sure to stop by more in May and see what you’re up to on your blog. Now that I’m not frantically trying to blog every day, I want to use my days off for staying up on the blogs I read!

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