Oh, My Hero! Blog Hop (also, B.E.D.April 27)

Today, April 27, is a very special day on the blog — I’m participating in the Oh, My Hero! Blog Hop (hosted by Victoria Smith and Jaycee DeLorenzo) and I get to bring in my critique partner’s seriously hot hero for an interview. While I’m pretty sure the only reason L.’s hero agreed to this interview is because of some blackmailing on her part, I’m super happy he agreed to chat with me because the man is a hunk.  Don’t believe me? Well, he also graciously brought along (read: more blackmailing from L.) a picture for me to include:

Of course, I giggled pretty hard at this because he wouldn’t explain about the blue eyes here–Liam’s eyes are green–but I’m guessing contacts & a secret mission.

Liam is in L.’s Oath Heir novel, the first novel in a trilogy infused with Egyptian mythology and ghosts. Since the details of Oath Heir are still very hush-hush, and because I know Liam would snarl at me if I put words in his mouth, I’ll just give you the interview:

B: Liam, it’s so nice that you came to chat with me today. Really, I’m glad to spend some time with you away from L. The first question: If you had to describe yourself in one word, what would that word be?
Liam: Dedicated.

B: Yeah, I kind of expected that.  Maybe a more interesting question: Are you a night or day person?
Liam: I’m a night person. I find the dark incredibly comforting.

B: Let’s move on to your job: Did you always want to work at a school?
(I should mention at this question Liam gave me a very incredulous look, your typical eyes widening skepticism. But a fun fact: he can raise his right eyebrow independent of his left one. I’ve always wanted to do be able to do that, and it’s a look that totally works for him.)
Liam: I was never supposed to work at a school. I was created for my job. It’s what I’m meant to do. It just happens that I got tangled up at a high school for a bit of time. I have learned, though, that school is still a combat zone. With more drama than any other location I’ve ever been in.

B: Finally, you say something interesting. Alright, the ladies want to know: Have you ever had your heart broken? Or been the heart-breaker?
Liam: My people don’t date, which kind of takes out the whole getting-your-heart-broken drama. I never really understood what being heartbroken or hurting someone else would be like until recently. . . . Hearts are distractions and shouldn’t matter. It was easier before I met her. But now. . . well. That’s enough of that. It’s a pointless topic since I can’t give my heart away anyway.

B: That’s a terribly sad answer, so let me ask you something a little more lighthearted: I’ve heard loads of people talk about your “cat-like reflexes”. Do you think that’s an apt description or an exaggeration.
(For the first time since sitting down with me, Liam smiled. Liam should seriously smile more often.)
Liam: Oh, that is a completely apt description. That’s just a part of me. I even heard you, Bailey, called me the “bad-ass kitty-man.” Although, I am slightly appalled at the kitty reference. . . and thanks to you it stuck. Everyone thinks the kitty part, or my reaction to it, is hilarious.
B: I’d say I can’t believe L. told you that, but I can. I’ll be bringing that up the next time we talk. Hm. She really shouldn’t share my commentary with the characters. 

So there you have it! An interview with Liam, the hero of L.’s Oath Heir novel. Please be sure to visit L.’s blog today to read the interview she did with #thatghoststory’s hero, Connor.

Also, don’t forget to check out the links to Victoria’s blog and Jaycee’s blog for the links to every blog participating in this hop. There are definitely some fine looking men around the internet today.



  1. Thank you everyone for reading & commenting, and sharing your support of L.’s “Oath Heir” novel and especially Liam. I know for a fact this is a great story, and seeing such positive feedback on her character is, I’m sure for her, very encouraging!

  2. Mmm…Liam. Very swoonworthy and he seems strong and won’t let anyone take him down in a fight. He’s a bit tortured and that so hot. Great interview Bailey and great hero LG!

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