B.E.D.April 23

Monday Night

Popping Stove Popped Popcorn Stove Popped Popcorn

I don’t like to brag. . . wait, the only people who say that are people who do like to brag. So let me rephrase that: I don’t like to brag much online. I mostly do this because, really, only people who know me in person and who are very invested in my life care at all when I tell them things like, “I managed an ‘A’ in Medieval Literature! I am not on #ohgradschool academic probation! Ya!”


There is one thing that I pretty much will always brag about, and that is my ability to make the perfect stove-popped popcorn. It is the one cooking related thing that my mother was able to actually teach me. And it stuck. I promise the above photos do this popcorn no justice because the lighting in my kitchen is Very Yellow. But the popcorn is really, really, really delicious.

As a late night snack to power me through more revisions, I have made me a batch of my popcorn. Now I am taking my pages & pages of term paper desperately needing revision and attention, and I’m taking my popcorn, and I’m going to put on Charlotte Church, and I’m going to lie in bed & revise, revise, revise.

Here is a little Charlotte Church for you, so you can feel like you’re right here with me in this ever-growing-smaller term paper death trap.



  1. I remember when we first started talking and you told me you’d never boiled an egg before. I thought you were being sarcastic, but you insisted you weren’t. And it shocked me. So freaking much. So, while I can totally make the perfect soft-boiled egg, you totally beat me with stove-popped popcorn. I’ve never even HAD stove-popped popcorn. If I visit Texas, I’m going to insist we have some.

    • I remember this, too! I can now boil an egg, though. So no worries, I have remedied this situation! (In my defense, I didn’t eat eggs when you met me, so why on earth would I know how to cook them?) & that’s a deal on when you visit Texas. Near Halloween I make popcorn balls. Those are also kind of my specialty. 🙂

      • At Rite Aid, we sold these pre-packaged popcorn balls that NO ONE EVER BOUGHT. I’m serious, we’d be left with about one hundred of these things every year. During my first year, Dave (not mine, but a coworker) and I attempted to break one. We tried really hard. We threw it at walls and the floor, tried to crush it under our shoes, and dug our nails into its surface in attempt to make it break. IT NEVER DID. I swear, it was coated in so much dried corn syrup that it could not be eaten nor destroyed. If Sauron had put his ring of power in one of these popcorn balls, Middle Earth would’ve been screwed.

        Basically, I won’t eat a popcorn ball. Ever.

        • Ewwww. My popcorn balls are both breakable AND edible. It’s just popcorn with marshmallows and M&Ms. I avoid processed treats pretty much always because I can make them all much better and, well, not healthier really. There is nothing healthy about popcorn and marshmallow and M&Ms all rolled into a ball shape.
          But I could make you a popcorn square and a popcorn triangle if that helps. But you will eat one. 😉

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