B.E.D.April 20

A Little Fashion Side Track

Jeans & Peach T

I am always amused when I see as the “caption” on a Pinterest pin, “Today is a t-shirt and jeans kind of day!” Because for me every single day is a t-shirt and jeans kind of day. I probably shouldn’t dress so casual around the offices (yes, I have two), but I do because I’m a t-shirt and jeans kind of gal. I rock the t-shirt and jeans. I wear nice t-shirts and I wear nice jeans, and that can make all the difference.

I think there is a really crappy misconception that “casual” means “not-put-together.” Which is so untrue. Aside from my hair (which I wrap in a bun, also every single day), I am extremely put together. I just happen to LIKE jeans and t-shirts, and the thousands of outfits I can create around them with sweaters/hoodies/jackets, accessories, and shoes.

And I totally get having “kinds of days” with fashion. I have “Today is a skirt kind of day!” or, more rare, “Today is a dress kind of day!” I very often have, “Today is a wear heels kind of day!” But considering the base of my fashion pyramid is jeans and t-shirts, I can’t help but giggle when people are breaking out of their fashion norm into something so simple. (Of course, those people might actually follow the implied dress codes of their professional lives, while I choose to ignore mine.)

Despite being very set in my fashion ways, I do occasionally like branching out of my own comfort zones and I am trying to put more skirts and dresses in my closet so I’m forced (by way of money-spent guilt) to wear them. I like dresses and skirts in theory, and I think they look good as pieces of larger outfits, but I feel so awkward walking around in them. Yes, it really is a walking issue.

So with this whole post, I figured it was also a good time to announce that I will be doing a very short summer series revitalizing my What to Wear blogs from back in the day when my blog was on Blogger and not WordPress. I haven’t decided if I’m going to do four posts or five posts yet, but it’ll be either or. I am taking requests for summer-themed outfits — so far I have requests for “Tropical Vacation” and “Afternoon Picnic.” I am throwing in “Bonfire & S’mores” because I’m going to such an event tonight and have no idea what I’m wearing.  So please, leave requests in the comments!

(Oh, and if you stopped by today thinking there would be another Smart Chick Spotlight post, there will be one next week. I’ll post a Spotlight every two weeks.)