B.E.D.April 18

my flowery bedspread

Semi Awkward Perspective of My Bedspread

Sshhh, Everyone Else Is Sleeping

It’s really only appropriate that one of my BEDA posts be posted in the early morning hours of a new day. It is not, however, appropriate that I am still awake in these early morning hours. In fact, I went to bed about an hour ago. I was in bed, and I was listening to Charlotte Church sing opera songs while reading 172 Hours on the Moon. (No, the opera and a futuristic dystopic space novel don’t really go together, but it was creating an interesting, creepy reading mood.)

A few hours before that, I was in the late night 20SB chat complaining about how I couldn’t get my WIP (#thatghoststory) narrator to decide already if she wants her story told in the first-person or the third-person. Most everything I’ve started drafting out for #thatghoststory has always been in 3rd person perspective, limited to my female narrator’s point-of-view. Then I had this idea about how to revamp the first chapter in a way that’s slightly more interesting and slightly less morbid (based on feedback L. gave me back in December at our writers’ retreat). But when I drafted that bit up, the first chapter came out in the first-person. I was flabbergasted and then frustrated.

But I am now awake in the wee hours of the morning because finally something clicked–a series of events that occur later in the novel, I realized, demand that the rest of the novel be written in the 3rd-person limited perspective. They are scenes that are crucial to everything else that comes before and everything else that comes after, and realizing what those scenes needed helped me realize what the rest of the darn novel needs: me to tell my protagonist she can just deal with telling this story from the 3rd person.

So then, of course, I got my butt out of bed, came back to my computer, and spent the next 40 minutes rewriting the first chapter back into the proper perspective. I must say, both my narrator and I are happier with the chapter and the content now. With that, I say good night!