B.E.D.April 17

I just want you all to know right now that once BEDA ends, I will not be posting any more “tagged” blog topics. However, because BEDA is about generating daily content, and part of that purpose is to let you get to know me a little better, I think tagged posts are perfect this month. That said . . .

My NA sister Juliana tagged me for the Sunshine Blog Award on her latest blog post.

sunshine award image: sunflower

I’m required to answer 10 questions, then tag 10 people to answer them too.  But it’s me and I hate tagging so many people in these, and Juliana already tagged all the NA Sisters in her post, so I’m going to just gonna let her be the official tagger there — however, I do want you to visit their blogs because they are great women and they write great blogs (links provided at bottom of post).

Here are the questions (and answers):

1) Favourite colour? Purple. (Why is this British spelling?)

2) Favourite animal? Owl.

3) Favourite number? 11

4) Favourite non-alcoholic drink? Coffee, dark blend with a good dose of milk.

5) Facebook or Twitter? Twitter. (You can follow me if you follow that link in the sidebar! Shameless self promotion, yes.)

6) My passion? Writing — that should’ve been easy to guess.

7) Getting or giving presents? Giving presents — I have inherited from my mother a very big love of “happy day presents,” or the giving of gifts just because I can.

8) Favourite pattern? I suppose I am fond of floral prints. (Actually, I totally love floral prints — it’s a little bizarre and old-lady-like.)

9) Favourite day of the week? Monday. No seriously, Monday. I like that Monday is the start of a new week and it has the best TV shows.

10) Favourite flower? Lilies.

Now, please be sure to check out the NA Sisters‘ blogs and give them some good blogging support — and hey, maybe they’ll have answered this set of questions, too. Though I’m not really sure if you learned much about me.

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