B.E.D.April 14

The End (of the semester) Is Near

The only sure fire way to know if I’m finally getting stressed as term project deadlines loom ever closer is if Veronica Mars is playing in the background constantly. Today, I’ve watched three episodes AND made pretty decent progress on my research for my rhetoric term paper. I’ve also made a very good dent in my laundry. There’s something about VMars and laundry that just gets me in the academic zone. Just don’t ask me what that something could possibly be. Or when I actually do the work that gets done because I’m not sure about that either.

But it’s Saturday and I really am hard at work on reading George Campbell’s Philosophy of Rhetoric. By the end of today, I’m hoping to have most of what I need read and outlined into that chunk of my paper. So it’s done with blogging and back to reading.