B.E.D.April 8

So, I just got tagged.  This week I joined up at 20 Something Bloggers, and then I got tagged. I got tagged by Booyabobby.

I must reveal 7 facts about myself then pick 7 people to do the same thing. Because it’s me and I don’t like following the rules when it comes to blogging, I’m changing up the game a little bit — instead of 7 facts about me, I’m giving you 7 facts about my week.  Also, I’m only tagging 6 people — my NA Sisters — and links to their blogs can be found at the bottom of this post.

1  This week, I have been eerily productive — the TEI project due tomorrow, I turned in last Thursday; the book I’ve to write reading notes for, due Wednesday, I just finished  5 minutes ago. 

2  This week, I did not play soccer — which is really bizarre because I usually play soccer 2 or 3 days a week.

3  This week, I received more compliments on the necklace I wear than I ever have ever — which is only note-worthy because I’ve worn this necklace almost every day for two years, and I can’t remember it ever being complimented. 

4  This week, I confronted my fear of butterflies — actually, I have to do this every Easter because my Bf’s mother likes to take pictures in bluebonnets and butterflies like bluebonnets. I,too, like bluebonnets but not the butterflies.

5  This week, I developed a really obnoxious cough — from allergies. Pollen makes me cough, and coughs are evil. 

6  This week, I spent my Saturday poolside — the best perk of Texas is that Saturdays by the pool begin in late March / early April. 

7  This week, I made a pact I won’t buy any more books until I move (in late May) — this is prompted by the fact that I don’t want to move all the books I own, so I really shouldn’t add to that amount. 

Those are 7 facts about my week — which is to say, this was my mostly-cheating way of giving you a Sunday update blog for BEDA.  If you were hoping for something more juicy then  sorry to disappoint you.  Thanks for reading.  Please check out the blogs of the victims tagged below.

So I’m tagging my NA Sisters — Carrie Butler, Jaycee Delorenzo, Juliana Haygert, L.G. Kelso, Summer Lane, and Victoria Smith.

Have fun, girls! Now go share some facts about yourselves. Or change up the rules like I did!



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  2. Holy cow I just realized I was tagged! Thanks and I will post this soon. Tell people to go and eat it about getting on you about your necklace, lol. Haters are gonna hate! And that’s so great that you play soccer. I was really into swimming in school 🙂

  3. Thanks for the mention! I just did a few tags in March, so there’s a chance my followers will murder me if I do it right now. 😉 I’ll wait a few weeks…

    By the way, butterflies freak me out, too!

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