B.E.D.April 6

Stream of consciousness, engage!

I am slowly getting to the bottom of all the Othello papers I’ve to have graded by Monday morning. I’ve graded 93 and have 19 to go! Sadly, only having 19 papers left doesn’t make the grading seem any less daunting. I hope I can grade another 9 before the end of my workday, and then I can take a long break before tackling the final 10 probably tomorrow.

Unrelated: I think I’m going to reward my grading success a little prematurely by spending a little money at Target after work. Oh, and at Barnes & Noble buying Black Heart by Holly Black.

Oh, here’s a thing!

White Cat coverRed Glove coverBlack Heart Cover

Those are the new covers of Black’s Curse Workers series — Black Heart is the newly published hardcover, while White Cat and Red Glove are newly printed (published?) paperbacks.

Following are the original hardcover designs of White Cat and Red Glove.

White Cat hardCoverRed Glove hardCover

So as you can now see, when I purchase my hardcover copy of Black Heart, it will not match the  other hardcovers. Which would potentially not be a problem (they are re-printing the White Cat and Red Glove hardcovers in the new cover design, as far as I can tell) except my copies of White Cat and Red Glove are both signed by Holly Black. Obviously I am not getting rid of them, but obviously from this post I wish Black Heart matched the original cover design theme.