B.E.D.April 3

Blogs I’m Reading, or Blogs I’m Envious Of

So it seems that all the people who normally do BEDA and VEDA while I sit out each year, are themselves sitting out this month while I participate. That figures. But, I’m still reading some great blogs this month — some blogs I stumbled upon or was directed to just this year (2012) — and today I’d like to share those with you. Sure, these bloggers may not be formally participating in BEDA but they do post fresh content with regularity.

Ten Cent Notes by Jordan Turney (@jordynface)

I discovered Jordyn’s Twitter account, and by way of that blog, through Nova Ren Suma’s Turning Points blog series — you can read Jordyn’s post for that right here — and I was so interested in her contribution, I immediately sought her out on social media. Jordyn isn’t a lot like me, exactly, but she’s around my age, does some things I wish I did, and has a vibrant online personality.

Fomagrams by David Elzey (@delzey)

I’ve actually been following David Elzey on Twitter and reading his blog for two or three years now (sometime between late ’09 or early ’10) — but last August when I started grad school I pretty much forgot about blogs all together. Suddenly my brain could only manage to read what was absolutely required — seems I finally found the upper-limit of how much information my brain could process in any given day. So over the winter holiday, and into the beginning of this semester, I finally discovered a way to read both for graduate school and for myself. With that, I’ve gotten back into the habit of staying up-to-date with Elzey.

nicola hearts by Nicole Seligman (@nicolahearts)

I actually went to college with Nicole, but I only found out recently she writes a fashion blog. For those of you who followed me back when I was on Blogger, you remember most of my posts were about fashion. I love fashion! But Nicole does fashion blogging better than I ever did, so for those of you who still request fashion posts by me, I happily direct you now to Nicole’s blog. She’s fantastic, and I’m a little dumbfounded we never crossed paths back in college (we were in the same major and everything).



  1. honored to be listed here — honestly, sometimes i feel like the blog is like a crazy man talking to himself… and i’m the one listening!

    anyway, how did i not know about april being BED month? and here i thought i was being good with my three-haiku-a-day on twitter for national poetry month.


    guess if you’re sending people my way i better start putting up some fresh content!

  2. Ahhh I love that I’m included here and so glad to see some other awesome blogs highlighted. Also, it’s awesome that you’re doing BEDA… I blog *almost* every day, but committing to every single day for a month feels too scary to me for some reason.

    • Blogging every day just feels like most days I won’t have much of anything to say (like, for instance, yesterday), but I try to keep my BEDA posts short and sweet for that reason. Considering I throw myself a little party if I remember to blog every *week*, I’m going to be particularly impressed with myself if I remember every day. After April I’m sure going to be happy to go back to being a semi-lazy blogger.

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