Hello March.

Can you believe it is already March? Or maybe a more pressing concern for those of us still in school, Can you believe it’s already midterms! So yeah, it’s been a while since I’ve stopped by my blog. My brain is somewhere else today, and my thoughts are gone with it, so this is just a generic “hello” and “I hope you’re doing fine” and “what are you up to lately?” kind of post.

So here are a few things I’ll be up to this coming weekend.

What I’ll Be Reading

The Formation Of College English: Rhetoric and Belles Lettres in the British Cultural Provinces, by Thomas P. Miller

This is actually a really fascinating text, though exceptionally dense. I have the wonderful task of presenting on several chapters from this book next Wednesday for my rhetoric class. Which is such an awesome class that I’m actually excited about reading these chapters, figuring out what on earth Miller has said, and then presenting. I think I kind of alarmed people in the seminar with me when my hand shot up in the air to volunteer.

The Stalker Chronicles, by Carley Moore (3.27.2012)

I am approximately half way through this novel and I am constantly surprised at how refreshing the plot and the narration is. A full review is forthcoming just before the release day of this debut, but I must say, don’t be scared away by the pink cover. (I make this judgment because I was, at first, a little afraid of the pink cover. Though, I think the smiley face formed by the binoculars and tag line is quite clever.)

I keep bursting out laughing at the story Cammie Bliss is telling me; she’s one funny teenage girl.

What I’ll Be Watching


What can I say? L kept mentioning it when I would ask for new TV shows I could watch via Netflix Instant. So I started watching it last weekend, and it turns out I’d actually seen the first half of the first season. I must have watched when it first aired and just lost track.

It’s not really good, but it’s definitely entertaining enough to put on while I clean my apartment.

What I’ll Be Doing

Well, I’ve got a soccer game Sunday evening, soccer practice Saturday afternoon, and besides those breaks for exercise and camaraderie, I will be the good little graduate student reading, reading, reading and writing, writing, writing.

So, what are you reading, watching, and doing this weekend? Leave your answers in the comments below.



  1. I’ve been ignoring real books in favor of fanfiction for the past week, so I hope to read Pandemonium by Lauren Oliver and The White Witch by Trish Milburn this weekend. Along with that, I have to read a bunch of lit theory essays for class.

    Hopefully, I’ll be watching either BtVS or Tangled, depending on which Dave can stomach this weekend.

    Jess and Missy just left the apartment to go to the hotel until Sunday, so before I can launch into all this awesome reading and watching, I have to do a hefty amount of homework. Which is all due tonight. URGH.

    • Homework due on a Friday night? That sounds like a circle of Hell. A low one. For only really, really bad people (or students, as the case may be). Not saying that you are a bad person or student, just making a very dramatic point that Friday night homework is awful and shouldn’t be allowed.

      But everything else sounds very nice and relaxing.

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