Top 5 TV Boyfriends

Today my little sister, Kenzie, posted a blog about her top 5 TV boyfriends. You know, those fictional characters that you’d love to hook up with, and the actor portraying them has nothing (or at least, almost nothing) to do with the actual infatuation. This is all about character and feeling your heart race for a little bit while watching television. (The nice thing about this top 5 list is that real boyfriends don’t have to be any sort of jealous. I mean, it’s always possible I could meet Harrison Ford some day, but [unfortunately] these boys will never come waltzing into my life.)

So, without further ado, I’m presenting my top 5 TV boyfriends because it seems like a great way to waste time on my lunch break.

Number 5 — Xander Harris (Buffy, the Vampire Slayer)

I can’t really explain this one, but Xander Harris was the guy who hooked up with the popular, hot chick (Cordelia Chase) while the totally adorable & deserving best friend (Willow Rosenberg) went unnoticed in a romantic way. I guess I pined after Xander because I pined after, during the same time period, my male best friend who totally chased a more popular girl than me. I could vent all of my frustrations about & longings for Xander, when I pretty much was referring to the real life guy sitting next to me in history. It was very therapeutic, and for that reason, he earns a spot on my TV boyfriends list. (Note: I did eventually date said best friend and that was a peculiar disaster. But good life experience. Careful what you wish for, and all that.)

Number 4 — Logan Huntzberger (Gilmore Girls)

As a teen girl watching Gilmore Girls every Tuesday evening at 7 pm on the WB, I was greatly influenced by Logan Huntzberger. He was intelligent & witty, he was a bit of a show-off & very into gestures (whether romantic, platonic, or slightly evil), and man, was the boy loyal to those he loved. He was also blond, and in high school I had a pretty big thing for blonds. And I never, ever understood why my mother didn’t adore him as much as I did. Now, as an adult who owns all 7 seasons of Gilmore Girls and marathons the whole series at least once per calender year, I actually understand why my mother didn’t like Logan Huntzberger much at all. As a parent, I will probably also do what my mother did and point out the major flaws of Logan–the flaws that ultimately led Rory to say “no” to his marriage proposal–but I will never, ever take him off my “first loves” list.

Number 3 — Jess Mariano (Gilmore Girls)

Jess was, by far, Rory’s best boyfriend. He was a little dangerous and extremely rebellious, to be sure, but he was also very, very smart. No boy ever believed in Rory more than Jess did, and Jess did so continuously, even when he and Rory hadn’t seen or spoken to one another in years. There was a depth to the love they shared, and even when they stopped being “in love”, there was a respect between them that is enviable. Sure, there was that sketchy part where he left without saying goodbye to figure out his own self, but really, even all the mistakes Jess made only made him a better character and a better man in the end. Oh, and any man who reads and marks up books like Jess is OK in my opinion. (Interestingly enough, my mother came into watching Gilmore Girls with me when Jess had just ran away from Stars Hallow & Rory, and intermittently watched episodes where Jess was actively sabotaging the Rory/Dean relationship. She hated him, to say the least. When I bought my DVDs, I lent them to her in order, and she has since come around to completely liking & respecting Jess the way I always have.)

Number 2 — Dan Humphrey (Gossip Girl)

I began watching Gossip Girl in season 4, and had to spend free time back-tracking to catch the beginning of the show. In middle school, though, I was pretty obsessed with the book series. In the books, I really didn’t like Dan Humphrey. He annoyed me a lot. In the TV show, however, especially the more recent seasons, I absolutely adore Dan Humphrey. I root for him to get everything he wants and have it out for all the other characters. (I am a very devoted Dan/Blair shipper, and I’m getting seriously frustrated about the CW dangling that in my face and never having anything worthwhile come of it.) My affection for him might be because of the writer thing, it might be that he wears a lot of vests. All I know is, I look at the character below and swoon.

& Number 1 — Logan Echolls (Veronica Mars)

There are a thousand reasons why I am and will always be in love with Logan Echolls. Mostly, though, Logan Echolls loves and loves hard. Beneath the brooding exterior and the jerk facade, he is an extremely emotional person who embodies that cheesy song lyric (and saying), “love without holding back”. Now, he can be a complete screw-up (and often is, actually), but his heart is often in the right place and he always, always shows up. As a high school girl, I really wanted to drive the same kind of car he did (a yellow Nissan Xterra with a snorkel) just so I could be more like Logan Echolls. I both loved him and wanted to emulate him, and while I can now better identify his truly flawed characteristics, there are some deeply human & respectable qualities about Logan Echolls.  (Oh, and he has the funniest voicemail recordings.)

So, that was a wonderful (and handsome) way to pass an hour. I really suggest you take the time to compile a list like this one, even if it’s just in the comments below. It’ll surely put you in a good mood.

Who are your TV boyfriends?



  1. Seriously, Xander? I could have never gone for him. I could’ve accepted Oz, but there’s something really strange about Xander.

    As for the others, I’ve never watched those shows. But they’re all very attractive. Your list definitely gets attractive points.

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