Writers’ Retreat – Winter 2011

A quick Howdy! and I hope you had happy holidays.

This is a quick post because I am about to leave for Writers’ Retreat with L. in about an hour.

L. and I are finally doing something we’ve mentioned doing for, well, probably the better part of this year. We’re taking a mini-vacation to a hotel where we will hole up and write, write, write like the mad women we are. To say I’m stoked for this is an understatement. Though I am a writer (and a descriptive one at that), there aren’t really words for how much fun this retreat is going to be. It’s 24 hours of L. and I writing furiously in a hotel, at restaurants, and wherever else we can find space.

We’ve each set goals, and mine is to finally choose between the two ideas I’ve been sketching out over the last year. Once I’ve made that decision, I’m sticking to it and plan on getting a basic 10-scene sketch of the plot. That’s it. That’s what I want to accomplish. And maybe, if I have time, find a better last name for my protagonist.

So, it’s time to pack up my writing instruments and get on with my morning. L. is picking me up in about an hour, and then it’s all writing, all the time… for the next 24 hours.

Have a great week, and if I don’t blog before, have a happy and safe New Year’s!