I Should Be Writing… 2 seminar papers

[Dear Kenzie,]

Oh yeah, I’m supposed to blog at you once a week! Well, I think Sunday still counts in last week, especially because in my mind & for my academic schedule, my week runs Tuesday – Monday. So this is me blogging.

It’s a completely worthless use of my writing talents because in one week from Tuesday I must turn in my dreaded Major Project, and two weeks from Monday I must turn in both 20-page seminar papers. I have 3 pages of one of those papers drafted, and about 2/5 of my Major Project drafted out. So essentially, I’m feeling pretty screwed right now.

And what am I doing to tackle this screwed feeling? Am I writing or outlining? Oh no. I’m watching Veronica Mars (season 2) on DVD. Which I just purchased tonight in a bit of stress fumble.

But in other news, I only have 10 exams left to grade before Tuesday. So at least I’ve accomplished that this weekend. I am so out of shape when it comes to being a student. It’s unbelievable. I’m still glad I took that year off, but man getting back into the hectic, crazy, work-logged swing of things is tough. It’s definitely not enjoyable. But I’m not entirely sure I ever expected graduate school to really be enjoyable. At this point in the semester, it is 100% just another set of hoops I have to jump through miraculously.

Do you want to know the thing about being a student, though? Somehow the work gets done. I’m never sure how, but I came out of four years of college with a Bachelor’s degree, so that work clearly got done. I guess this work will get done, too. (Of course, again, I’ve got to start it all first. That’s the really important step that I seem to be missing or skipping.)

I hope you have a great week.

Your big sister,

[For those not in the know, Kenzie (my little sister) and I vlog back and forth once a week. But recently, vlogging has been an impossibility for Kenzie and mostly just a hassle for me, so for now we’ve switched to blogging. Once a week, a blog will be written to her. But you can, of course, still read it.]


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  1. That’s how I’m currently feeling about this semester. Not that I’m screwed, but that the work gets done somehow. I have four papers left (including that last extra credit paper I’m doing for Comm) and I’m kind of at a loss at how this semester went by so quickly. Hopefully next semester will be the same. Have a good week, sis!

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