Saturday, from Albuquerque

So it’s Saturday and I’m sitting at a Starbucks in Albuquerque, and I should be working on my novel for #NaNoWriMo but instead I’m blogging. I’m already impressed with how much time I’ve put into this novel on this trip so far. I spent my first flight yesterday typing away and I spent an hour waiting (I met my family for breakfast) in a restuarant this morning drinking free coffee refills and typing. And yes, this is odd for me.
I’m a pretty structured person. In past years I’ve won because I wrote the necessary 1,667 or more during my scheduled writing time: usually one hour in the morning and one hour in the evening. In free time, I didn’t work on my novel. I had novel-working time and that’s when I worked. But this year, I decided not to have scheduled writing time because I have so much other work that needs to get scheduled and get done. Working on this novel this year is entirely a matter of finding myself with free time, opening my computer, tablet, or notebook, and getting down whatever words I can. It’s been a completely out-of-my-element process and, truthfully, it’s been successful so far. Or, it was the first few days, but now I’m travelling, I only have my tablet, and the word processor on my tablet doesn’t have a word count tool. So I’m more guessing that I’m about on track because I’m averaging the same number of pages, so that should be close to the same number of words.
At some point on this trip, though, and probably tonight because it’s the only time I’ve got, I need to sit down and do school work. I’m not looking forward to that because I definitely can’t do real work outside of my element. For that, at least, I am still tethered to my structure and my schedule and I feel out of sorts trying to think outside of my apartment-office. But, those 20 page papers won’t write themselves, and my project has definitely proven that it doesn’t do itself, despite my many attempts to change that fact.
Have a good weekend, folks! Stay warm!