November: NaNoWriMo, Seminar Papers, Project, and Celebrations (Oh my!)

Earlier this afternoon I let Twitter decide if I was going to be insane (I was previously just crazy) and add National Novel Writing Month to my list of Things to Accomplish in November.

Well, the YES voters won, so the answer is Yes, I will be participating in NaNoWriMo beginning tomorrow (not tonight at midnight; as an exhausted grad student, I am asleep at midnight).

You might be wondering what made me ask Twitter to decide my fate in this matter? Honestly, it was probably going to happen anyway. I am working on a project in the few hours of free time I find each week (usually about 2 hours per week), and I’m hoping NaNo will help me find a few more of those hours a week to add to this creative noveling project. Here’s the truth, though: I don’t really think I’ll be crossing the 50,000 word finish line this year. Of course I will try my darndest to do so, and of course, I will spend a little less of my time watching Netflix and more of my time writing, but whether that writing goes to NaNo or my three other major projects due before November 30, I can’t say.

Well, actually I can. That time not spent watching TV and movies will first go to grad work, and second go to NaNo. So, let’s take a look at the actual list…

Things to Accomplish in November:

  • Bibliography Major Project (an “it’s done when it’s done” project).  Due: November 22, 11 am.
  • That Darn Catcher in the Rye Seminar Paper (~ 20 pages). Due: November 28, 12 pm.
  • That Darn Catcher in the Rye Seminar Paper Presentation (~ 1 hour). Due: November 28, 12 pm.
  • Medieval Literature Seminar Paper, Polished Draft (~ 20 pages). Due: November 28, 6 pm.
  • In Memory of Lennon, NaNoWriMo Novel Draft (50,000 words). Due: November 30, 11:59 pm.

So basically, that last week of November REALLY sucks, most especially the 28th. This is why I’m insane. Beyond just my papers and projects, I still have weekly readings and mini-projects, I still am a grader that will be grading 2 sets of exams in the month of November, and I still have my job beyond graduate school. Fortunately, any semblance of a social life I was having is going to be the first thing cut from my schedule. And second is Netflix.

By the end of the day, I’m hoping to have a few widgets posted in a sidebar of this blog that can monitor my status for each of these projects. Of course, I’ve started on the ones for graduate school because there isn’t a time line rule for those, just the due date. So if you know of said style widgets, please leave me a comment with directions to them.

And now, I must stop blogging about my ridiculously insane November, and go do some of that weekly reading I mentioned above. I’ve got my Medieval Literature seminar at 6 pm and I just printed off the 80 pages worth of plays I have to be pretty solid on. Of course, I can definitely accomplish that in 2 hours. Not a problem!



P.S. Did you remember that Thanksgiving (which inevitably is a traveling weekend) is also in November? And did I mention that my anniversary is in November? Yeah. That, too.




  1. You can do it, Bailey! I am also a full-time student attempting the fun known as National Novel Writing Month, and I have faith that we will both prevail! I’m thoroughly enjoying exploring your blog! Go forth and write!

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