It seems the only thing I have time to update on my blog is the Bailey Reads 2011 page. Which is fitting considering how many books I’ve had to read already.

Today, I will be at five books in September. That puts me ahead of August, July, and June. The number will only be increasing.

Unsurprisingly, those five sentences sum up the last two weeks of my life and graduate school. I attend two 3-hour seminars, I have a bibliography & research class twice a week, I help teach (meaning I take notes & grade for) an undergrad Shakespeare course, and then I READ. I read endlessly.

But I have my first assignments coming up due in the beginning of October — an annotated bibliography on my Catcher in the Rye seminar paper and a MLA citation exercise. Then it’s pretty much back to endless reading, with the addition of planned writing somewhere into the mix.

I can’t quite decide if this will all get more organized or less organized as September fades into October. Or if it’ll just be different. The addition of writing two seminar papers and putting together my bibliography & research project over the next 10 weeks is daunting. I cannot conceive of the time in which I am meant to do all of these things. My department must be hiding time turners somewhere. Is there a time turner big enough to move a whole building floor back in time?

In other news, I am stoked that it’s football season again. Sure I have to pull my group’s tickets at 7 am on Monday mornings, but Saturday is my favorite day of the week.

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