B Goes to Graduate School

That’s what this blog will become a chronicle of. I can already tell. I promise not to let my aimless thoughts on writing a novel in the background of everything remain entirely in the background, but I’m disinclined to mention much about any creative work in progress.

Today, I am foregoing all formal transitions. I have been reading Walden all day long and it’s entirely possibly that the man’s infuriating tangential rambling writing style has wiggled its way into the depths of my brain.

Monday, I began graduate school. Yes, I am now in all capacities a graduate student working toward my MA in English. If you don’t know, my specialization is in rhetoric, but at the moment I am working through some course distribution requirements and taking more Lit than Writing. (Though, I think my one writing-focused course might be more tedious and involved than my two lit seminars combined with my teaching assistantship.)

As a graduate student I take three of my own courses (Bibliography & Research, American Bildungsroman post-Darwinism, and Medieval Literature) and work as a teaching assistant (Shakespeare).

All I can tell you as of today is:

  1.  I hate Walden by Thoreau (I may just hate Thoreau, but I’ll maybe try something else by him a few years down the line before passing final judgment).
  2. Medieval lyrical poetry is perverse.
  3. Shakespeare is still awesome (something I actually only came around to recently, I’ll admit to that).
  4. I will know more than you about MLA before December.

My blogging will probably be very relaxed this semester, but in the future, each post will be about one distinct topic. I swear I know how to do that, just not this afternoon. My brain is mush & I desperately need a coffee.