Non-Suck Wednesday

If you’ve followed me around the Internet, meaning on Twitter, you’ve heard me mention Wednesday Suck. But if you haven’t heard of Wednesday Suck, here is a short definition:

Wednesday, the “hump day” of the week, inevitably sucks.

Yeah, I never said my term  Wednesday Suck was particularly inventive. It’s self-explanatory. Inevitably, for me, Wednesday is always the worst day of my week. Maybe it’s because I’m trying to wrap up those things I forgot to finish on Monday & Tuesday, or maybe it’s because the fresh air of Friday afternoon is still just too far away to taste, or maybe it’s because Wednesdays are just plain evil. Whatever the larger reason, Wednesdays kinda suck for me.

Except this Wednesday.

Today has been surprisingly good, and I find myself roving a skeptical eye over everything I’m doing today. Just waiting for the Suck to jump out and attach its slimy tentacles to my Wednesday.

I mentioned in my last post that my life revolves all most entirely around writing a novel, preparing for graduate school, working, and being a young, social bee. For the past several weeks, I have been sunk neck-deep in paperwork, memorandums, phone calls, and emails sorting out some last minute quirks in my graduate school & work lives. Not sure if I’ve mentioned this before, but a big part of my graduate school experience is tied up in the totally wonderful teaching assitantship I was offered. But, naturally, these things come with strings: not bad strings–in fact, the strings make sense–but strings that none the less have to be untangled and then grasped tightly in my palm, lest they tangle themselves up again. (Strings are tricky like that.)

Today, this Wednesday, almost all of those strings have been untangled and I am keeping them firmly organized. Everything on my end of the paperwork/memoradum/phone call/email jumble has been completed; it is officially someone else’s problem, and here’s hoping this person doesn’t yank the strings away from me. Other than that small, nervous fear, I am happy to report that for the first time since August 1, things seem to be in order regarding this Big University I attend & work for. (I signed up to attend and work for said Big University because I knew it would be a great challenge way beyond my comfort zone–I went to a small, liberal arts college for undergrad–and let me say, Big University has not disappointed me in this yet.)

Oh, and for those who care, the FAFSA doesn’t suck to fill out anymore, either. That’s really where I thought the big Suck would come from today, so color me surprised.

In novel related news… well, the novel is still being written & tweaked & it’s coming along. I find myself at a wall I’ve come to many times in the past, with previous novel attempts. The wall where I suddenly found plenty of interesting things to do on this side and felt no need to climb over and drop to the other side.  Which is to say, I have come to the wall that has placed a lot of unfinished novels in a folder on my computer’s hard drive. This time, though, I’m searching for a ladder or a rope (or maybe someone on the other side?) to help me over so I can see what’s in store for me over there. It’s an interesting place to be in the writing activity, and sure, while I’ve got a few unfinished novels in a folder, I’ve learned something fundamental about writing and myself as a writer from each of those dusty manuscripts. With this manuscript, I think I’ve finally worked out how to just keep working.

Just so you know, the novel I’m referring to has the working title, In Memory of Lennon, or as I prefer to call it, IMOL.  It’s a YA contemporary / magical realism novel. It’s very fun and very tragic.

Tonight being Wednesday also means it’s Writer’s Hangout night! The invention of the Writers’ Hangout (with much help from my friend Justine & little sister Kenzie) has invariably added a lot of Awesome to Wednesday. (Awesome is the natural enemy of Suck, in case you didn’t know.)  So if you are a writer & are on Google + (or even if you’re not, I can invite you), then be around tonight at 8:30 CST for Writers’ Hangout. It’s an online write-in and I promise we get stuff done. Leave a comment below if you’re interested & let me know where to find your G+ profile–a direct link is easiest.

Tonight I plan on updating my Scrivener & transplanting IMOL into a new Scrivener project.